Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Design Process

Having derived a set of design principles (see previous blog) the next challenge was to break the complex design process down into a number of component parts.

Looking North
In summary the main factors were seen as:
    - practical needs
    - aesthetic judgements
    - personal preferences
    - costs
    - regulations
    - environmental impacts
    - structural adequacy
    - comfort  

and manipulating them until the best balance was achieved.

Looking south-east

Since I was aiming for an eco-build the issues of:

    - siting
    - house layout
    - construction
    - materials specification
    - heating
    - ventilation
    - landscaping

and so on, were looked at from the perspective of reducing energy consumption, water consumption, emissions and waste in addition to the conventional aspects above.

By starting with an outline site plan and a requirement for a solar passive, high thermal mass (see later posts) sustainable dwelling on an off-grid site and a long held desire to build a simple modern home on a site with far ranging views it was necessary to cycle though all the factors listed many times in order to arrive at an outline sketch of the proposed house.

Working Sketch