About Me

I have over 40 years experience of managing the provision of multi-disciplinary information services in the public and private sectors.

During that time, I have worked for several major companies and home Government Departments, as well as being Head of the Government Statistical Service in the Solomon Islands.

I have been proud to lead innovative thinking and delivery that optimize the use of information assets, particularly through integration and exploitation. I am a great believer in achieving business excellence through people.

Having retired after over 42 years working in the information sector/world/environment I have taken time to reflect upon my interests and values. I now realise that the ethics and principles of Permaculture are what have sustained me throughout my working life and link directly with Holistic Management.

Following a Permaculture Design Course in Malta I am now focussing my experience and energies on building an eco-house and establishing a Permaculture demonstration site on a 16,000sq metre plot on a mountainside in Southern Crete.