Saturday 9 November 2013

Excavation - The Track

Having received the Archaeology Department's permission to go ahead with the excavation of the building site (see earlier post) it was full steam ahead at last.

It took two days for the "diggers" to be moved to the site from their base since the larger digger was only capable of 5 kilometres per hour (on the level with the wind behind it!).

Start of "the track"

Having arrived at the turn off from the narrow country lane that leads up to the plot they set about transforming what was little more than a wide goat/sheep track (and major water gully in the winter) into a "roadway" that was wide enough for them to traverse and will be suitable for the building material delivery lorries to negotiate safely.

Given the soil erosion that is caused by the torrents of winter rain that previously ran down this track I am endeavouring to have run offs set at suitable intervals all the way down the the track so as deflect the water onto the adjoining barren land. The aim is to create longer term water storage in the adjoining soil, slow the rate of erosion and slowly increase the fertility of the soil until it will be capable of supporting the growth of pioneer trees and shrubs that will, in time, prevent further major erosion.

As with most tasks in this life when you have the right equipment and experienced workmen rapid progress can be made and within a couple of days the "roadway" was at the edge of the plot.

This roadway was now drivable in a normal car - a real shift from the previous goat/ 4 wheel drive only access available previously.