Saturday 30 August 2014

Insulating and Waterproofing the Roof

Insulating and waterproofing the roof has proved to be a long steady process. Luckily the experienced specialist team are real professionals and have worked steadily throughout the hot summer weather.

After removing any sharp edges left over from the casting process the surface of the roof and the supporting beams (that will bear the brunt of the weight of the earth sheltering) were sprayed with a fine layer of cement to produce a uniformly smooth surface.

The sheets of 10cm polystyrene insulation were then cut and fitted across the roof sections.

The waterproofing was then laid on top of this insulation and the overlapping edges were heat sealed to produce the waterproom barrier.

Waterproofing well under way.

Insulation sheets stored awaiting positioning on the roof.

Insulation panels being cut and fitted.

Heat sealing the overlapping edges.

Laying the waterproof sheeting.

Roof waterproofing all done!