Saturday 18 October 2014


With the around house drainage run completed the excavation "diggers" could turn their attentions to starting to backfill.

The earth and rock spoil for this backfill was dug from the spoil heap that had accumulated from the original excavation. This heap had spilled down the hillside so required one digger to "scoop" up from down the hillside and transfer to the other for careful delivery of the backfill.

The "roadway" established for the extraction of "the rock" (see earlier post) was slowly raised and utilised for delivering the spoil.

As the backfill was slowly increased there was a growing sense of the ultimate shape the earth sheltering will take. i.e. of how the hillside will merge and cover the roof.

Digging out the excavation spoil heap that had been pushed down the hill.

Second digger trundling around the house building up the previously made roadway.

Depositing the spoil high up above the house.

Same process different angle!!

The spoil for the earth sheltering slowly building up.

This starts to reflect how the house will buried into the hillside.

The spoil built up on the eastern wall covering the last section of drainage pipe to be put in place.