Saturday 1 November 2014

Start of "Wings"

In order to prevent the earth sheltering that will eventually cover the whole on the house, leaving just the south facing window wall exposed, from spilling out on the east and west sides it in necessary to construct suitable "wings" to contain the spoil.

One of the diggers briefly returned to the site to dig out for the foundations of these wings. The necessary shuttering for the foundations was quickly erected and the foundations were cast.

Meanwhile inside the shell of the house the electrician started to assemble the surface mounted conduit to carry the electrical wiring, the plumber laid out all the water and waste piping that will be covered when the floor finish is cast and subsequently polished and the team tidying up the internal concrete surface started work. (see later posts)

Starting the foundation for the east "wing".

Basic groundwork for "wing" foundation.

About ready for the concrete.

Concrete poured and starting to cure.

Foundation shuttering removed work and work starting on the retaining wall shuttering.

Looking westwards across the front of the house. The electrician in process of using pipe bending machine to shape conduit for electrical wiring.

With the lovely late September weather continuing to make this the perfect time to be in Crete with the early autumn wild flowers starting to emerge the views of the mountains and to the sea from the house make all the effort of the last four years seem worthwhile.

Autumn wild flowers starting to shoot forth from the baked earth.

Looking across the roof of the house towards the sea.