Monday 16 March 2015

Rain, Rain and More Rain

The first two and a half months of this year have been a total write off for progress on the project. Hence the delay in posting an update on progress.

The reason is rain and more rain. In the three months December to February the local weather station recorded 1000mm of rain. This is double the historic average for these months!!

The result has been that the run off coming down the mountain has been such that the track up to the site has been subjected to landslips, major debris washdown and deep rutting where the runoff formed streams down the hillside. The result being that it has been impossible for the construction lorries to gain access to the site.

With the rains easing slightly in March the excavators have started to clear up the damage and repair the track but even they found it hard work to cope with the conditions.

Not only is valuable top soil being washed down the hillside but the volume of water just flowing straight down the hillside seems such a terrible waste given that within a couple of months the ground will once again be parched.

I have been considering for the last couple of years how best to capture, store and distribute such water run off so will need to revisit my ideas for constructing berms etc before next winter.

As with all things Permaculture one always tries to find something positive out of any setback. What this exceptional rainfall has exposed is the possibility of another spring source nearer the house site which, if captured and stored, could prove invaluable for irrigating the lower part of the site.

(All photos courtesy of Pela.)

Source of new spring??

Steady streams running across front of house.

Run off down track cutting deep ruts.

The digger cuts through the accumulated wash down.

Clearing the topsoil washed down the track off the road.