Sunday 26 July 2015

Window Frames Re-visited.

Well we have now experienced our "Grand Designs" moment. As many of our friends who follow this television series had told us there are always problems with the windows and we now had ours!!

Although the frames went in smoothly something was nagging at the back of my mind. When I next visited the plot after the window frame installation I immediately realised that the whole framework was slightly out of alignment. This resulted, for example, in the bathroom vents being unable to open.

On inspection, and with the aid of a long tape measure, it was apparent that  there was a consistent 2-3 cm misalignment along the whole frame run. The cause of this was that the initial end post on the western side, from which everything was built, stood 2-3 cm proud of the wall to allow for the electricians conduit pipe run for the lighting circuit from inside the house to feed the under canopy lights.

There ensued a lot of discussion, argument and debate on how best to remedy this situation. The end result was that the window frame fitting team returned, effectively took down the framework, made the necessary changes (i.e. cut out a piece in the initial upright to allow the post to fit flush with the wall) and then carefully rebuilt the whole window frame ensuring that the frames aligned with the steel pillars, walls etc. as required.

With the basic frame now sorted the four sliding window units could now be fitted.

Dismantling the window frames.

Making "adjustments" to the end post to accomodate the electrical conduit.

Re-installed end post flush with the wall.

Frame now flush with metal pillar.

The sliding frame units arrive.

Sliding units installed and now whole frame ready for glazing.