Saturday 15 August 2015


With the window frames finally fitted and the track to the house "smoothed" (well everything is relative!) all was ready for the glazing to be installed.

Because the window suppliers were, after several visits to the site, well aware of the steepness and nature of the track  they sent the large sheets of glass (2.4 metres by 2 metres) in a series of pick up trucks that were able to drive right up to the house.

The unloading required sheer brute force to carry the large doubled glazed panels into position. The intense sun in the middle of the day meant that the panels on the trucks waiting to be moved into position had to be kept covered until required.

Once in position the large panels were quickly and efficiently fixed in position by the experienced team. As can be seen in the photographs some sections required the whole team to ease the panels into place and the upper sections, including the opening vents, a carefully balanced  strong arm approach.

It was very gratifying to see, yet again, how the vision I have held in my head for so long was forming in reality. I took special pleasure in seeing the view down the valley reflected as a large panorama in the long run of south facing windows which form such a major feature of the solar passive house design.

The "smoothed" driveway in preparation for getting the glazing safely to the house.

Helping hands to protect the window panels in the ride up from the road.

3-man handling of the large glass panels.

Protection from the fierce mid-day sun.

The first large panel goes in successfully.

For some panels it was "all hands to the pump" to ease the glazing into place.

Working on the upper glass panels.

Main glazing finished.