Saturday 5 September 2015

Internal Glass Doors

Every so often you have to trust someone/organisation to produce just what you want. This was the case with the interior glass doors.

Having discussed in detail the vented metal interior doors I wanted for the battery, hot water tank and cold store rooms with the windows contractor (who also does doors!) I outlined my requirement for the interior glass doors for the bedrooms and bathrooms. i.e. minimal aluminium frame, maximum shot blasted glass and bold aluminium handles and hinges all in keeping with the rest of the house design. He took this away and I heard no more.

Imagine my delight when one morning, totally unannounced, a pick up truck arrives and the guys unload and start to install really minimal frames, doors of one sheet of shot blasted glass and bold hinges and handles! All previously unseen by me!! Brilliant.

This was particularly rewarding since I have been stressing throughout the build that in such a minimalist/industrial design as mine it is the quality of the design and finish of such things as doors, bathroom fitments, taps etcetera that makes the overall design stand out and hang together.

The minimal aluminium doorframe.

Fitting doorframes into position.

The brilliant single pane shot blasted glass door.

Carefully moving a door into house

Bold hinges and handles.

A bathroom door in position.