Saturday 19 September 2015

PV Frames.

With the concrete slab for the PV and solar water heater panels in place the framework to support these panels could start to be aligned and bolted down to the concrete base.

The framework for the PV panels consisted of a multitude of aluminium struts, brackets and bolts and looked like a glorified "Meccano" set, a schoolboys dream. Alekos, the electrician, soon had it all sorted and the framework started to take shape and be put into position.

Whilst the framework is solidly bolted to the concrete slab where the frames protrude across the earth sheltering they will be bolted to short concrete pillars that will be cast specifically for this purpose.

Similarly for the solar water heater panels framework that has been positioned precisely between what will be the two banks of five solar panels.

The solar panels arrive and are stored.

Alekos fits the frames together.

Moving the frames up onto the earthsheltered roof.

Aligning the first of the frames.

Frames fixed to base panel. Cross members being fitted.

Making sure the framework is correctly positioned for the panels.

Frameworks finished ready for installation of PV panels and solar water heater panels.