Thursday 15 September 2016

More Roof Leaks (cont.)!!

Having dug out the earth sheltering, sprayed the concrete roof with waterproofing sealant,, (see previous post), the next task was to add water and leave for a while to test the waterproofing. During the waiting period, however, there were a couple of rain showers which washed some of the precariously balanced earth that had been excavated back onto the exposed concrete roof.

The first task for the team on their return, therefore, was to clear out the accumulated water and mud from the affected areas. Then a fresh layer of insulation was laid so as to recreate the gentle slope that had previously been made, in order for the water that accumulates at the bottom of the earth sheltering layer, to drain away off the roof area and eventually find its way into the around the house drainage system. (See earlier posts).

The new sections of the waterproofing layer were then laid across the exposed areas and heat welded to the surrounding existing waterproofing layers.

For this welding electrical power was required so once again my generator was brought into use.

All went well until the very end when the team ran out of limited amount of fuel they had brought to our remote site. The generator was subsequently propped up to ensure that every last drop of fuel was used. It repeatedly stopped and had to be restarted.

Now this is an old generator that I purchased second hand from a local dog kennels where it had been used to provide light for the dogs during  power cuts. Over the years considerable muck and dirt had obviously accumulated at the bottom of the fuel tank with the result that the team's efforts to utilise every last drop of fuel resulted in the fuel jets becoming blocked!!

The team, therefore, took the generator away to be repaired.

A couple of weeks later the team returned to replace the earth sheltering. Utilising the remaining membrane protection layer and supplementing with new where necessary before replacing the soil.

When they had finished there was still no sign of the generator as it was "still being worked on"!!

Eventually the "repaired" generator was returned by the project manager and although it worked I discovered it was leaking fuel so had to be sent to a local workshop to be fixed!!

All this needless hassle and resulting frustration was happening whilst we were desperately trying to finish building and installing all the interior fittings.

Lessons to be learnt I think.

Clearing out the mud and water that had accumulated after a couple of rain showers.

The waterproof membrane replaced over new insulation.

The team considers how best to finish off the last section. Note the insulation ready for installation.

The thinking continues.

Job completed with earth covering back in place.