Sunday 7 June 2015

Concrete Floor - 2

After a successful first day in which the flooring team laid just over half the total concrete flooring (including the front terrace) they returned to complete the task. For once all went smoothly with no major hiccups i.e. machine breakdowns, concrete delivery early/late etc.

The following day a couple of the team retuned to cut "expansion slots" into the concrete in order to prevent any future major cracking of the floor. It was a very dusty process as the slots were ground out of the floor using a powerful precision grinder.

Whilst this was being undertaken one of the diggers returned to the site to start carving out the new drive to give access to the house. This was needed by the next day as the window frames were due to be delivered and they required a "smooth" run up for the window frame delivery truck. (see next post).

When they had finished I was tasked with "watering" the whole area (nearly 300 square metres) twice a day - early morning and early evening - for the next couple of weeks. This was to slow the concrete setting/hardening process in order to avoid surface cracking. Needless to say I religiously undertook the task using the plentiful supply of stored water available following the winter rains.

The flooring team return to finish laying the concrete floor.

Finishing pouring the floor.

The main room floor finished.

Grinding out the floor expansion slots.

Transporting the grinder down the site to an awaiting van.