Saturday 10 October 2015

PV and Water Heater Panels

With the brunt of the clear up after the water and mud "invasion" (see previous post) completed I was able to concentrate on getting the PV and solar water heater systems installed.

The first stage was to set the panels on the previously erected frameworks.

Luckily both sets of panels had survived unscathed from the "flood" so it was a straightforward job for the electrician and the plumber to carefully align their respective panels and bolt them securely, (due to the strong winter winds that blow down the mountainside), to the frameworks that themselves were securely bolted onto concrete foundations set on the roof.

With the PV panels in place our electrician could get on with wiring the ten x 300watt panel array together with his usual precision and professionalism.

Meanwhile the plumber similarly connected together and ran the the necessary pipework across the roof to feed directly through the roof into the store room housing the hot water storage tank and associated equipment.

Starting to set up PV panels.

All PV panels in place ready for wiring up.

Wiring up in progress!

Setting up the solar water heater panels.

Running the hot water feed to the inlet to house at top left.

PV and solar water heater panels in place and connected into house.