Wednesday 28 October 2015

Power House

With the PV panels in place work could press ahead to wire everything up for our electricity system.

The electrician had designed a custom made shelving system to carry the weight of the battery bank which was fabricated locally  and adjusted on site for a perfect fit.

Because of the economic problems in Greece I had arranged for the main system components, (i.e. full sine wave inverter, mppt controller and the battery pack) to be shipped directly to the Vectron distributer in Heraklion.

As the shelving unit was fully fitted into the "power room" these components arrived on site and the process of fixing everything in place and the wiring it all together could start.

This proved to be a 3-day job for the electrician and would still be ongoing if, as I considered at one time, I had undertaken the task!! One of my better decisions to let the professionals do the job.

I have previously discussed, in earlier posts, the specification of the system and finally settled on a 3000 watt array providing 7 kW hrs per day running at 48 volts with a 50% maximum discharge rate on the batteries which provide a minimum 2-day lay over. The circuit diagram is included below, as fixed to the wall by the electrician.

PV panels in place.

Custom made shelving unit being adjusted before fitting into "power room".

Unloading one of the 20 batteries for the system.

Components in place ready for wiring up.

Wiring for the PV panel fuse/circuit breaker, mppt controller and inverter.

All wired up.

The battery bank that forms our power source.

The wiring diagram.