Saturday 7 November 2015

Dry Stone Walls

In the original landscape design that blended the earth sheltering of the house into the hillside were a couple of dry stone walls. These were designed to reflect the terracing that had previously existed but had fallen into disrepair over the years with the steady erosion of the walling caused by the flocks of sheep that roamed over the hillside.

Given the recent experience of the flood and mud disaster (see earlier post) it seemed sensible to re-establish such walls with the particular objective of controlling/directing any excessive water/mud run off away from the house.

It proved more economic to buy in suitable walling stone from a local supplier and to use this to supplement the readily available stone on the site rather than use up expensive "digger time" searching round the plot for suitable facing stone.

The upper of the two walls, in particular, was constructed to divert any storm run-off down the natural slope away from the house.

The wall building team laying foundation stone for the walls.

The upper wall takes shape.

The walling and digger team working on the lower wall.

The finished walls.

Looking along the upper wall. Note the run-off space left on the right to direct any water/mud overflow down the slope away from the house.